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Personal Safety Tips for the Weekend, and Every Day

You ultimately want to enjoy what you are going to do, so let’s get the balance right between not being in a state of paranoia, whilst not be ignorant or complacent of the day-to-day risks from (your) perspective.


So before you go out consider:


1.     Inform a trusted friends and family members about your plans, including your expected arrival times, before you travel.


2.     Travel with friends or in groups, especially in unfamiliar or crowded places.


3.     Familiarise yourself with the area you’re going to and be aware of local emergency services.


4.     Protect your belongings by using a secure bag and avoid displaying expensive items in public.


5.     Always watch your drinks to avoid tampering, and don’t accept open beverages from strangers.


6.     If a situation feels uncomfortable/unsafe, trust your gut feelings (instincts) and take necessary actions to remove yourself from the situation.


7.     Have a communication plan: Ensure your phone is charged and have emergency contacts programmed - establish a check-in system with family/friends.


8.     Arrange safe transportation options in advance, especially if you'll be out late. Avoid accepting rides from strangers.


9.     Limit posting ‘real-time’ updates about your location, as this information can compromise your safety.


10.  Carry identification with you and consider carrying emergency contact information in case of unforeseen circumstances.


11.  Inform you contacts if you are going to be late arriving to your location or arriving home.


Having done the above and more, go out and enjoy your weekend.

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