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Checking People on the Way In

Let's have a look at the pros and cons of checking customers before entry.

Shoplifting is a persistent issue that retailers face, impacting on people’s safety, profits and operational efficiency.

To combat this problem, some stores have adopted the practice of checking customers before they enter the premises.

This approach aims to deter theft but raises questions about customer experience and privacy.


1. Theft prevention

2. Enhanced security

3. Customer safety:

4. Consistent policy

5. Compliance with regulations


1. Customer experience

2. Privacy concerns

3. Resource intensive

4. False positives and discrimination

5. Possible legal considerations:

The decision to implement customer checks should be approached with careful consideration of both security needs and customer satisfaction.

Whilst checking customers before they enter a shop can contribute to theft prevention and overall security, it comes with significant challenges related to customer experience, privacy, and costs.


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