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Expert Witness, Consultant and Adviser

Trevel is an expert witness, consultant and adviser who provides expert reporting and advice to solicitors, awarding bodies, regulators, companies and individuals on the use of (reasonable) force.

We implement and review policies, procedures and working practices; job descriptions related to risk (high, medium and low); post incident support (companies, unions, regulatory bodies and individuals)

Use of Force

An expert witness is a person with extensive experience and/or knowledge in a specific field or discipline beyond that expected from a layperson. The expert witness's duty is to apply their expertise to give a professional opinion to a tribunal, court or inquest on particular matters in dispute.


When a person (ie; an enforcement officer) receives a complaint alleging excessive use of force or is charged with abusing a victim, he or she may be backed by the agency or department he or she works for.  This could cause complications in proving that brutality transpired. However, an unbiased opinion from someone with expert knowledge or experience in Policing, Prison Service, Security, Probation and other enforcement roles is able to describe to the judge or jury what happened clearly.


Work-related Violence and Aggression – Expert witness support

This testimony is often given more weight when the courtroom has confidence in the expert witness.


A psychological evaluation of the person is also better understood in this context, and the judge or jury is able to deliberate with more information than in usual circumstances.


Whether the testimony of the expert is used for civil or criminal disputes, an explanation of the actions is usually needed. When someone is hospitalised due to a high level of physical intervention by the enforcement officer, that person is often looked at in a negative light. Even when enforcement officers are protecting their actions, the victim could have been injured enough that action is needed. The use of force is frequently argued to have been too much and therefore the resulting alleged act of violence causes actual harm, grievous harm or death to someone that it may be felt should have been treated in a more reasonable manner.

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Use of Force Expert Witnesses Services

Our team is experienced in providing oral evidence at court, written opinion and expert reports for civil and criminal courts, inquests, tribunals and workplace internal management review hearings.  In matters such as:

  • Risk Assessment

  • Complaints/allegations of excessive or inappropriate use of force

  • Personal injury claims

  • Incident Investigation & Reporting

  • Post-Incident Management Reviews

  • Policy Reviews & Development

  • Individual Support Planning 

  • Organisational Codes of Practice Review

  • Inspection Reports

  • Training Programme Review

  • Research Investigation Review

  • Inspection Reports

We pride ourselves on always providing:

Advice, support and guidance throughout the duration of an investigation.

An understanding of the needs of a more diverse range of internal staff, who are often supporting and engaging with diverse range of external communities

Expertise in legislation, policies, risk management and assessment, training design, post-incident management and welfare review of work-related challenging, aggressive and violent behaviours.

Why work with us

The philosophy behind all training courses should be to reduce the need for any assertive communication and/or physical intervention! 


Trevel has been actively involved as an Expert Witness since 2001 and a Training Consultant since 1994, in the prevention, management and resolution of challenging aggressive and violent behaviour.  When providing a service of expert witness support we use a framework of professional practice guidance related to the management of risk, work-practice practice and procedures, training review and evaluation, and post-incident reporting procedural review.

As an expert witness, Trevel has provided reports for overseas clients.  He continues to provide advice, support and guidance to solicitors, awarding bodies, regulators, companies and individuals relating to the use of (reasonable) force, physical interventions and the use of personal protective equipment across the UK.

We have been in the process of conducting the case for Coroner’s inquest.

Your input has been a critical part of that. On behalf of myself and XXXXXX, barrister we write to thank you personally for the time and expertise you have applied to this case. We are extremely grateful for your input, as is the family.

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