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10 Things to Know When Writing A Report or Statement

When creating an incident report or statement to justify the use of reasonable force, it is crucial to provide a clear and accurate account of the events. 

While perception may influence one's understanding of a situation, it’s your opportunity to tell your version of the truth in a way that is understood by the reader(s) of your report or statement. 

Here are key elements to include in such a report:

- Include details such as the date, time, and location of the incident.

- Clearly identify yourself and others involved, including any witnesses.

- Specify the reason for the interaction or engagement.

- Explain the perceived threat or danger that necessitated the use of force.

- Describe any attempts made to verbally and non-verbally de-escalate the situation.

- Outline any alternative measures considered before resorting to force.

- If applicable, reference your organisations policies or guidelines that justify the level of force used.

- Detail any injuries sustained by parties involved, including yourself, colleagues, or the subject.

- Include statements from any witnesses present during the incident.

- Describe any actions taken immediately following the use of force; medical assistance, securing the scene or calling for additional support.

Use clear and concise language, avoid speculation, and focus on the facts.

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