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They’re Running The Wrong Way

Firstly, let’s acknowledge and take a moment to recognise that these ‘off-duty’ police officers, who therefore had not PPE, went above and beyond the ‘call of duty’...see link below!  

"They placed themselves at real risk of serious injury in order to prevent serious harm”.

Duty of care can be described as our legal or moral responsibility to protect the safety and wellbeing of others.

But how far should you go?

Being aware of the potential threats and understanding the dynamics of knife attacks is crucial for personal safety reasons. 

Knife attacks often occur at close quarters, making it essential to recognise the signs of aggression and react quickly, so what do we need to know about knife and edged weapons awareness:·      

  • Be situationally awareness.·      

  • Recognise threatening behaviours.·      

  • Maintain distance.

Which of the following is likely to cause you the most harm - a skilled knife attacker or an unskilled knife attacker?

Being informed, alert, and equipped with the necessary self-awareness and skills can empower individuals to remain safe.



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