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Teenager subjected to ‘Brutal and Abusive’ Restraint

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Judge describes the management of a young teenager as ‘shocking’, ‘brutal’ and ‘abusive’ -

I have previously written/spoken about the need to conduct a thorough and detailed risk analysis review of situations before, but here is a reminder of the areas to be addressed:

1 Identify the Hazards

2 Decide Who Might Be Harmed and How

3 Evaluate the Risks and Take Action to Prevent Them

4 Record Your Findings

5 Review the Risk Assessment

More information on managing risks and risk assessment within the workplace is available here -

When it comes to managing ‘known risk’ situations, the question to be asked “is there an alternative way to achieve the same outcome?”

Let us know if we can help you towards reducing the need for physical intervention

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