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Did God Jam The Gun?

The heading is taken from a quote within the news article contained in the link below!

When thinking about the types of locations where violence and aggressive type of incidents take place, churches do not usually rank high on most people’s list.

Did you know that during the period 2020/21 in the UK?

- Over 4,000 were committed at churches and religious premises.

- 4,169 incidents of theft, vandalism, assault or burglary took place - despite eight months of lockdown restrictions.

- 848 incidents of violence, including sexual assault and assault on an officer were recorded.

As always one must ask how many incidents were not recorded, and why?

Although we don’t want to live our lives in a state of paranoia does this report and the stats mean we can never say never?

If the risks are known to us, then we must put measures in place to eliminate,

reduce, isolate and/or control the 'known risk' factors.

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