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Deputy Head Teacher Dismissed for Using Physical Intervention

Deputy Head Teacher Dismissed for Using Physical Intervention

A Deputy Head Teacher was dismissed from his £60,000 a year job for after he used physical intervention on an “out of control” pupil who hit him five times, kicked him and broke his glasses.

His employer dismissed him on the grounds of gross misconduct on the basis that the use of force was not justified.

Mr Kitchener decided to sue the school for unfair dismissal and won his claim. The employment judge ruled the school had not trained him properly on the use of force.

You can read the full article here – ‘

Cases like this ruin innocent people’s lives, cause unnecessary distress and waste time and money.

And could have been avoided if:

1. Proper training was given

2. Correct policies and procedures were in place

3. Any initial investigation was done by people who understood the legalities surrounding the use of force.

I have actually been involved in similar cases where a teacher has been disciplined in very similar circumstances. In one case all charges were dropped.

NFPS Ltd actively offer support to anyone we train; and we do this free of charge.

The problem nowadays is that organisations seem to be looking for anyone to provide ‘certification’ without doing any further checks.

I’ve been involved in hundreds of expert witness cases and in every one of them, both criminal and civil, no standard of certification was asked for!

Certification isn’t the same as formal ‘accreditation’.

What is important is the experience, expertise, authority, trust and competence of your chosen training provider.

Especially when it comes to the use of physical intervention.

And let me tell you something else. In all of the expert witness cases I’ve been involved with not once has a training provider shown up in court to support the person they trained.

In fact, they’ll claim that the person under investigation didn’t do the technique properly as it is shown in their training manual.

The solution to the problem is finding the right provider – and finding the time to do this.

Training with us you will receive a BTEC Level 3 Award in Physical Restraint Instruction. Issued by one of the largest Educational Awarding Organisations in the world.

NFPS Ltd was the first ever training provider to write BTEC Awards in this area which we did using our Experience, Expertise, Authority, Honesty, Trust, Integrity and Support.

So, if you are interested in becoming a competent and experienced trainer, with the back-up and support you may well need one day, talk to us.

We want you to be safe in the knowledge that you have had legally defensible physical intervention training from very competent instructors with support systems in place should you ever need to call on us.

To find out more contact us and let’s arrange to talk.


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