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Are You Sleepwalking Your Way into a Complete Disaster?

There are many training providers who will not deliver training which they insist falls outside of their approved training course. So rather than receiving training which meets your needs, you are being presented with a fixed system of training which you are expected to make your needs and concerns fit into their training programme.

How many training providers are there claiming to be Home Office or Regulatory Body Approved or even insisting that it is mandatory that you must receive training using their systems, processes and techniques.

Therefore, according to those training providers, any training you receive not delivered through them will not be recognised; implying the training you received is not be approved.

There are too many to count, training programmes out there and so how do you know which Training Provider one is the right one for you?

Is the Training You Are Booking Actually Fit for Purpose?

A training needs analysis is a process whereby the gap between the actual and desired knowledge, skills and comprehension required in a job are identified.

Research has shown that if we teach someone a complicated system of restraint; a system constructed from a wide range of skills involving lots of complicated techniques, then they are building failure into your system of learning.

So…Is the Training You’re Receiving Legally Accurate?

If the advice you receive is legally wrong and especially if that wrong advice leads to harm being caused, may me be open to a legal challenge if it proven that the harm could have been prevented if legally accurate advice had been given in the first instance.

How can You Resolve This?

By finding a training provider who can adapt their training programme to meet your needs.

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