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Delivering BIIAB Licence to Practice Security Qualifications

Guidance for BIIAB approved training providers of the SIA licence-linked training courses.

NOTE – the following guidance does not apply to the SIA physical intervention unit!

The BIIAB who have been asked by many centres for our guidance surrounding Security Qualifications, have now received clarification from the SIA in regards to delivery Security Qualifications through 2 different pathways.

Pathway 1 – Pilot with the SIA / Remote Delivery/Assessment

This applies to CCTV and Security Guarding only as the PI unit cannot be delivered under this pilot.

There are 3 options under this pathway:

o Option 1: virtual classroom & online invigilation

o Option 2: virtual classroom & face to face assessment

o Option 3: face to face training & online invigilation

If you want to participate in the pilot it is also important to note that:

  • All invigilation must be done through a proctoring company – examinations cannot be invigilated through Skype/Teams etc.

  • The SIA and BIIAB need to attend some of the online training – you need to provide us both with login details to join the calls.

  • You as a centre you need to fully understand their addendum document – I will need to arrange a call with you to take you through this and make sure you have everything in place to meet the SIA pilot requirements.

  • The SIA require information to be sent to them at least 5 days before the course takes place – again I can go through this with your centre should you take part in the pilot.

  • If you are delivering online invigilation BIIAB will need to discuss this with you further as the CID forms will still need to be completed by each learner.

Pathway 2 – Face to Face (F2F) delivery and assessment as before

You can choose to deliver the Security Qualifications using the traditional face to face method as before but please note:

  • Courses must be fully risk assessed in advance and a copy of this risk assessment sent to BIIAB in plenty of time before the planned course dates

  • You should make sure that your insurance will cover you for all activity (training and assessment) during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • As a centre you will need to ensure that you are following all government guidelines around social distancing and take appropriate measures accordingly to safeguard your staff, trainers, learners and invigilators

  • The SIA will be notified of all F2F delivery taking place and may decide to conduct a drop in visit at any time

Centres wanting to deliver these courses using either method mentioned above are to contact the BIIAB (Customer Support) so that they can be clear on your delivery and assessment strategy for meeting the BIIAB and SIA guidelines.

Contact us for more information and guidance

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