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Soft-cuff Restraint

Soft-cuff Restraint




Who is the course designed for?

Following the need to apply handcuffs, those who are further required to safely apply and remove the Soft restraint cuffs in an ethical and lawful manner. 

Following the use of soft-cuffs/handcuffs, there may still be a significant risk of harm from challenging behaviours which the soft restraint belts can be used to further reduce the risk of injury or harm to all parties. 

In line with an appropriate to risk assessments this course is ideal for staff who from time to time may have to need to apply restraint equipment.

Course syllabus

  • Refresh conflict prevention and management training

  • The law relating to the use of reasonable force

  • Refresh positive handling techniques

  • Refresh safer restraint holding techniques

  • The carriage and deployment of soft cuffs (and restraint belts)

  • The application of soft restraint equipment on potentially unco-operative persons

  • Aftercare and post incident management and support

Course Benefits

Staff working in Children’s Services, Education, Care Settings, Security, etc; will find them a very popular but less intrusive alternative to that of having to continually hold or restraint a person in their care. 

The Soft Restraint Belts can be used in conjunction with the Soft-cuffs / handcuffs, or as a stand-alone product item.

Delivery, Assessment and Certification

  • Formal presentation, discussion, group work and practical exercises.

  • Learner knowledge is evidenced through questioning and group discussion.

  • The course is nationally recognised, accredited and certificated.


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