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Report / Statement Writing

Report / Statement Writing




Who is the course designed for?

Individuals who need to turn their recorded notes into statements or reports. 

Learners who need to know how to present a professional statement/report which complies with the laws and regulations relevant to carrying out investigations. 

The course focuses on gathering information in support of an investigation. It includes how to research information from various sources, gather information through interviews and having an overview of surveillance, both overt and covert intelligence gathered. 

The unit also deals with maintaining the security and confidentiality of all information gathered during the investigation.

Course syllabus

  • Know how to establish the objective and feasibility an investigation

  • Know how to deal with actual or potential conflicts of interests

  • Know how to report and present the findings of an investigation

  • Know how to research and analyse information in support of an investigation

  • Understand how to maintain the security and confidentiality of information gathered

  • Understand a methodology and chronology for the writing of a report

Course Benefits

You will be able to identify the issues and the factual information from your records and notes that are relevant for inclusion with a professional statement or report. 

You will be able to produce professional statements and reports relevant to the specifications directed by the different court system, using the appropriate format and language.

Delivery, Assessment and Certification

  • Formal presentation, group work and practical exercises

  • Learners knowledge is through group discussion

  • The course is nationally recognised and certificated


Legal Briefing Presentation
Legal Briefing Presentation

Legal Briefing Presentation

For staff who work in Children’s Services, Education, Care, Residential, Fostering and other services and settings where there may be a need in the person’s best interest to use force to positively handle or prevent further harm from occurring.

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