Preventing & Managing Violence & Aggression

Preventing & Managing Violence & Aggression

Who is the course designed for?

The prevention and management of violence and aggression is designed for those staff who need to introduce strategies which seek to reduce the risk of challenging and aggressive behaviours through proactive measures which seek to avoid, defuse and manage such behaviours

Course syllabus:

  • Recognise and reduce the risk of challenging behaviour
  • Understand human behaviour (reactions to stress)
  • Develop positive interactions
  • Defusing and resolving conflict skills
  • Signalling non-aggressive through body language
  • Law and legislation
  • Post-incident (reporting and welfare support) management

What are the benefits of this course?

You will be accredited through the Institute of Conflict Management as a person who is competent in the prevention and management of challenging behaviour in the workplace. Furthermore is there is risk managed need to physically intervene to defuse challenging behaviour, staff have the knowledge, understanding and skills to non-restrictive or restrictive holds depending upon the circumstances of the incident.

Delivery, Assessment and Certification

  • Formal presentation, discussion, group work and practical exercises.
  • Learners knowledge is evidenced by verbal or written questioning.
  • The course is nationally recognised, accredited and certificated.

Post-training incident management support is offered as part of our client customer service provision

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