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Identifying the Right Training Provider

As Covic-19 continues and we manage self isolation, provide care support, customer service, family protection, or try to manage our own wellbeing whilst remaining a safe distance from others, we are all reviewing, assessing and managing risks towards a successful outcome… improving training and enhancing safety.

If you were purchasing a car or thinking about a significant holiday abroad you would carry out an element of planning and preparation to ensure that the car met and performed to the specifications, as advertised and expected. Additionally, for that significant holiday, you would seek the recommendation of a travel agent and some personal recommendations from those who know your intended holiday destination. Therefore in order to ensure you book training that meets your organisations, staff and customer/service-users needs, you need to do your due diligence to ensure that the intended training provider has put in place a quality assurance process that meets the appropriate regulatory and sector standards for the provision of training. This should be done, in part, through a training needs analysis, so that they are able to contextualise a training course that meets your evidenced requirements.

During this time the government, and many regulatory organisations, are being helpful with their production of workplace recommendations, to support your operating procedures which further support and enhance the safety of all concerned parties (ie; appropriate PPE wear, the carrying out of risk assessments for remote/lone workers, etc.). Post Covid-19 when companies return to a somewhat normal way of day-to-day business, there will be a need to review those interim policies which addressed employing and training new staff. Those staff who received a bridged version of an induction course will need to be upskilled, in part through training. It is your responsibility to ensure that the training commissioned meets all and every aspect of a due diligence process, ensuring that the training providers have the current knowledge, understanding and experience to accurately incorporate the potential for new or amended learning outcomes and assessment criteria into any course programme.

As the responsible person for your organisation, company or team you have a significant level of accountability for the training being delivered to you and your colleagues. Contact us for advice and guidance regarding what to expect from approved training providers.

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