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Too Scared To Go To Class

"Violence... in classrooms and workshops” is making “a large number of prisoners... reluctant to attend".

What impact is this having on resourcing of inmates which was not originally planned for?

Addressing this problem requires a comprehensive approach that combines policies, training, and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Everyone, staff, inmates and visitors, on a need-to-know basis need to be aware of:

- Policies - behaviour management, conflict resolution, and consequences for violence. 

- Training - training in line with policies to recognise the signs of potential violence and how to respond effectively.

- PPE - equip staff with appropriate PPE to ensure their safety while interacting with potentially violent individuals.

- Support Systems - establishing support systems, access to counselling services and ongoing welfare support of their work environment.

- Collaboration - between staff, management, and external agencies (such as law enforcement and mental health professionals) to develop strategies to manage high-risk situations effectively.

- Communication - encourage open communication channels between staff members to report concerns, share experiences, and seek assistance when needed. 

- Continuous Improvement - continually review and evaluate policies, training and safety protocols based on feedback from staff and observations of incidents. 

By implementing these measures and more a safer environment for all, while promoting positive behaviour, will be maintained.

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