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Supporting Vulnerable People

Supporting individuals requires a comprehensive approach that considers both the unique needs of the individual and the legal frameworks surround their situations and circumstances.

Some of these considerations include:

1.     Legal - ensuring an understanding of the laws and policies within your jurisdiction to support a person’s rights, which may include protection orders.

2.     Training – developing knowledge of the right support and care to understand the specific needs of individuals, including the safeguarding of persons and communication skills to interact with individuals who may face challenging barriers.

3.     Support Strategies – collaborating with professionals to develop individualised support plans, allocation of appropriate resources and safe supportive environments.

4.     Development – a multi-agency approach to ensure a co-ordinated response to needs and support of everyone, who may, for example, have experienced abuse or assault.

It is essential that our approach to these situations is done with sensitivity and a commitment to promoting the well-being and rights of individuals who have experienced abuse or assault, or who need the support of others.

Continuous training, collaboration and staying informed about developments in relevant laws and supportive strategies are crucial towards providing effective assistance.

Additionally, collaboration with relevant professionals and organisations is key to ensuring a holistic and supportive approach.

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