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Stop Calling Them Personal Attack Alarms

Attack implies things have already gone wrong – we want to raise the alarm and exit to safety before the situation goes wrong!

Increasingly personal safety becomes a paramount concern for many individuals.

These compact devices are designed to attract attention and deter potential attackers, offering peace of mind to users.

So what are some of the benefits of having and using personal alarms, the different types available, and the importance of workplace policies regarding their use.

Benefits of Personal Alarms

1. Deterrence - the primary benefit of personal alarms is their ability to deter potential attackers.

2. Attracting Attention - in an emergency, a personal alarm can alert people nearby that someone needs help.

3. Non-lethal Protection - unlike weapons, personal alarms do not cause physical harm.

4. Ease of Use - most personal alarms are designed to be simple to use.

5. Portability - personal alarms are small and lightweight, making them easy to carry.

Types of Personal Alarms

1. Keychain Alarms - these are the most common type of personal alarm.

2. Wearable Alarms - these alarms are designed to be worn as accessories, such as bracelets or pendants.

3. Flashlight Alarms - some personal alarms come equipped with built-in flashlights.

4. GPS-enabled Alarms - these advanced alarms can send out a GPS signal when activated, allowing friends, family, or authorities to pinpoint the user's location.

Workplace Policies on Personal Alarms

1. Issued-equipment and Training - some companies issue personal alarms to their employees, particularly those who work late hours or in isolated areas.

2. Encouraging Carrying Alarms - policies often encourage or require employees to always carry their personal alarms while on the job.

3. Regular Maintenance Checks - to ensure reliability, workplaces may implement regular checks and maintenance of personal alarms.

4. Awareness - employers might also conduct safety awareness programmes to educate employees about the benefits of personal alarms and other safety measures.

If issued with a personal safety alarm, it is highly advisable to always carry it.

Keeping the alarm within easy reach, such as on a keychain, in a pocket, or attached to a bag, ensures that it can be quickly activated when needed.

Policies supporting the use of personal alarms further contribute to safer workplace environments.

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