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Should Physical Intervention training include jogging as part of the warm-up?

Warm-ups should be designed to prepare the body for movement and the activities about to take place.

Most warm-up shouldn’t take too long and should work the same muscles we will be engaging during the main activity. They could in very light exercises or a very low-level simulated version of the training about to take place.

Examples of warm-ups

- if you are doing a physical intervention class include light arm and leg movements.

- if you are about to lift weights, do a few lifts with very light weights.

- if you are preparing for a run start with a slow jog.

A warm-up allows you to gradually increase your heart rate, breathing, and body temperature, which in turn increases blood flow to the muscles.

Warm-up first, followed by stretching and ensuring the body feels relaxed will assist with mentally preparing you and others for the lesson about to take place. On most work-related courses this will be around the use of non-pain related techniques and skills!

Does jogging have a place in a physical intervention ward-up?

Never say never…but!


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