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Responsibility versus Accountability

Over the years I have had many very interesting discussions about these two points.

When it comes to the management of risk, within any organisation, then both are crucial.

Responsibility typically refers to the duty or an obligation to perform certain tasks or activities related to management of risk. 

Accountability, on the other hand, involves being answerable for the outcomes of those tasks or activities.

In the context of risk management, both elements are essential:

- Different individuals or teams may be responsible for various aspects of risk management, such as identifying risks, implementing (mitigation) strategies, or monitoring ongoing risks. 

- While responsibility can be shared across different roles or teams, ultimate accountability often rests with those who oversee the management of risk process. 

Responsibility ensures that the necessary actions are taken, while accountability ensures that those actions are taken effectively and that the right decisions are made to manage risks. 

Both are essential parts of a robust risk management framework.

Are you responsible or accountable for your safety at work?


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