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Post Incident Welfare Support Needed to Reduce Stress

Workplace absences due to stress have hit their highest-level according to reports by the CIPD with companies employing 6.5 million staff reporting an average of 7.8 absence days per employee.

One aspect of this could develop from those times during a potentially violent or violent encounter when your stress levels will rise causing several mental and physical changes to occur.

The immediate psychological and physiological changes which occur in the mind and body of a person who believes they are threatened or in danger will cause the body to go into survival stress mode.

It’s important to be aware of how these changes affect us and our colleagues, along with being aware of the short, medium and long-term effects they could have upon us if not addressed.

Post incident welfare checks and reviews should take place following ‘all’ and 'any type' of challenging, aggressive or violent behaviour encounter.

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