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Policies that conflict with legislation

When faced with company policies that clash with legislation or infringe upon individual rights, addressing the issue demands a combination of diplomacy, legal awareness, and perseverance.


Some thoughts regarding how you may go about raising your concerns, should you find yourself in a similar position…

When a company introduces policies that conflict with legislation or impede an individual's rights to protect themselves and others, then navigating this terrain can be challenging.

The clash between corporate rules and our fundamental rights demands a thoughtful approach to ensure fairness, legal compliance, and the well-being of all parties.

So, present your concerns respectfully and with factual evidence.

Understanding local laws and regulations that protect individual rights is crucial.

Human Rights laws, anti-discrimination statutes, and regulations regarding health and safety at the workplace are essential to comprehend.

Examine a company's policy thoroughly, as sometimes, policies may inadvertently conflict with laws or infringe upon individual rights due to oversight or misinterpretation.

Keep detailed records of the policies in question, relevant legislation, and any communications with the company regarding these policies.

Utilise internal grievance mechanisms, such as filing a complaint or following established protocols for addressing policy concerns.

Initiate a dialogue with the company's management. Highlight how the policies impact individuals' rights.

Resolving conflicts between company policies and legislation can be a prolonged process.

And if necessary, seek advice from a specialist in employment law, or someone who can offer expert guidance on how to proceed.

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