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Customer service or police enforcement responsibility?

Link to a video blog I put out earlier today -

From today 24th July 2020 Face coverings will be compulsory in shops, supermarkets and while ordering takeaways, banks, building societies and post offices. It extends to train and bus stations and airports. 

WHAT...are the rules regarding face coverings in shops? Face coverings must be worn in enclosed public spaces in England

According to BBC reports:

The British Retail Consortium says retailers should work "to encourage and support the new regulations", but enforcement is the responsibility of police

Police officers will attend if people not wearing a mask refuse to leave the shop or become aggressive or an incident turns violent

NOW WHAT...if having spoken politely to a customer who refuses to wear face covering and refuses to leave the shop, what measures do you have in place to manage this type of situation until the arrival of the police?

Incident report templates - the following link take you to a series of templates which will help staff confidence and provide support towards staff knowing that their concerns are being taken seriously, and if necessary reported to the police -

NOW WHAT…improved staff safety and enhanced customer service

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