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Know Your Human Rights

The Human Rights Act brings the rights outlined in the ECHR (European Convention for Human Rights) into UK law, allowing individuals to rely on their Convention rights in domestic courts.

It safeguards our fundamental human rights and freedoms, including the right to life, freedom from torture, freedom of expression and the right to privacy, among others.

1.     This means that legislation passed by the UK Parliament should, as far as possible, adhere to these human rights.

2.     The Act allows individuals to seek legal redress in UK courts if they believe their human rights have been violated by a public authority. 

3.     It provides a mechanism for citizens to challenge government actions that they believe infringe upon their rights.

4.     By incorporating the ECHR into UK law, the Human Rights Act aims to promote a culture of respect for a person’s human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Act is intended to ensure that public authorities respect and uphold the rights and freedoms of individuals.

QUESTION…from a workplace safety perspective, if someone takes away your freedom of movement (unless doing so for a greater good or to prevent further harm) are they impacting upon your human rights?

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