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It's Always Good To Talk

Prior to the use of any physical intervention techniques we must evidence what communication skills we used, or tried to use, to de-escalate and resolve a situation.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of building positive relationships and fostering a healthy environment.

When faced with challenging behaviours, employing positive body language and verbal communication can be a powerful strategy to prevent, resolve, and manage such situations.

Learn how the following can help you build a rapport towards gaining the persons trust and confidence towards reducing the need to apply any physical interventions.

-       Relevant body posture

-       Appropriate eye contact

-       Active listening

-       Empathetic listening

-       Positive language

-       Clear and concise communication

Want to understand how our thoughts affect our psychology and physiology and how we can control them?

Also learn:

1. How communication can be used to solve problems and reduce the likelihood of conflict

-       2. The factors that influence human responses in conflict situations

-       3. How to assess and reduce risks in conflict situations

-       4. To communicate effectively and de-escalate conflict in emotive situations

-       5. Good practice to follow after conflict situations

Contact us to learn more about setting standards to prevent and manage potentially challenging situations -

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