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Is The Training You’re Booking Appropriate?

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is a process in which the gap between the actual and the desired knowledge, skills and attitudes in job roles are identified.

Being able to conduct a TNA is a key tool for any learning and development professional.

4 Steps to consider when conducting this analysis with trainers, consultants and staff:

Step 1:  Identify the Business Need – a training assessment of the current training programme is one of the first and critical aspects of any succession planning.

Step 2:  Perform a Gap Analysis – this involves the assessing of the current state of performance and skills and comparing them to the desired level of outcome needed.

Step 3:  Assessing Training Options – known as a gap analysis; based on your goals and priorities, this will generate and provide a list of training options and needs.

Step 4:  Report and Recommendations (ie; Training Plan) – having reviewed your findings, from your training needs assessments, you can now make recommendations for short and long-term training plans.

Timelines to meet and training deadlines for legal compliance purposes, should be budgeted and scheduled accordingly.

Has your training needs review and identified gap analysis considered the above?

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