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Drink Spiking - Protecting Yourself and Others


Drink spiking is the act of adding alcohol or drugs to someone's drink without their knowledge. 


This disgusting act can lead to serious health risks, including unconsciousness, vulnerability to assault, and long-term psychological effects. 


Being aware of how to prevent drink spiking and knowing what to do if you suspect it has happened is crucial for everyone's safety.


Preventative Measures

1.     Always watch your drink 

2.     Use drink covers

3.     Only accept drinks from trusted sources

4.     Stick with friends

5.     Be aware of unusual tastes or smells


Recognising the Signs of Drink Spiking

1. Sudden drowsiness or confusion

2. Unusual physical symptoms

3. Memory lapses

4. Impaired co-ordination


Immediate Actions if You Suspect Drink Spiking

1.     Seek help immediately

2.     Report it to the authorities

3.     Inform venue staff


Asking for Help - Code Words examples

1.     "Ask for Angela": This initiative, widely adopted in bars and clubs, allows individuals to discreetly ask staff for help by "asking for Angela." This signals staff to assist the person to safety.


2.     "Angel Shot": Ordering an "Angel Shot" can indicate that you need help. Depending on the type of shot ordered (neat, with ice, or with lime), it can signal different levels of assistance needed.


3.     "Is [Name] Working Tonight?": Asking if a fictitious staff member is working can alert staff that you need help without alerting potential perpetrators.


Awareness and vigilance are key to preventing drink spiking and ensuring the safety of yourself and others. 


By following these preventative measures, recognising the signs, and knowing how to respond can help protect yourself and those around you.


Always prioritise safety and never hesitate to seek help if you suspect something is wrong.





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