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Does Practice Make Perfect?

While learning physical self-defence techniques is important, it is only one piece of the puzzle.

Many people recognise the value of attending self-defence classes, where they learn techniques to escape dangerous situations or potentially dangerous situations.

But to be truly effective and responsible, self-defence training must also encompass strategies for avoiding conflict, verbally de-escalating tense situations, and understanding the legal ramifications of using force.


1. Prevention is better than cure - avoid dangerous situations

2. The power of words - verbal de-escalation

3. Knowing your rights - the legal aspects of using force

4. Integrating physical and non-physical techniques

Effective self-defence training includes teaching individuals how to communicate calmly and assertively under pressure.

Knowledge of the law helps individuals make informed decisions in high-stress situations, ensuring that your actions are legally justifiable.

By embracing this comprehensive approach, individuals can enhance their safety and well-being in a responsible manner.

Practice makes you better, not perfect.


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