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Do You Need a Linus Security Blanket?

Who remembers Linus and his security blanket? …...Linus being a character from the Charles Schulz’s ‘Peanuts’ comic strip.

Linus’s security blanket was his comforter and provided him with reassurance.

In the same way carrying of a form of self-defence spray, personal alarm or any other item of legal (personal) protective equipment should assist you as part of your overall strategy of personal safety / situational awareness.

I am a supporter ‘for the right reasons’ of people having some form of legal equipment/item that makes them feel confident and therefore improves their safety whilst empowering them to proactively act to any warning signs of danger!

Coopers Colour Code System - condition yellow is your radar is switched to on with good 360-degree awareness.

Remember - every plan 'must' have an exit strategy built into it!

So, what are some of the legal benefits, training and procedural/legal issues of carrying a form of defender spray.

Some of the benefits include:

1. They offer a non-violent means of self-defence.

2. They incapacitate by marking the assailant with a bright, visible dye, aiding in identification without inflicting injury.

3. The dye can remain on the skin and clothes for several days.

Training should include:

1. Training ensures individuals can deploy them effectively under stress.

2. You should be educated on the legal aspects of self-defence, including examples when and how it may be used.

3. You should also receive training on situational awareness, conflict de-escalation and an appropriate level of self-defence.

Dye and Cross-Contamination Issues

1. The dye’s used are designed to be highly visible and difficult to remove.

2. There is a potential risk of cross-contamination, where the dye may unintentionally transfer to bystanders.

3. In case of accidental marking of non-involved parties, it is essential to know the basic steps for cleaning the dye.

Policies and Procedures

1. You should establish a protocol/policy for carrying and using your self-defence spray, including regular checks to ensure the spray is in working.

2. Having a procedure for reporting it use to law enforcement is crucial.


1. Some law enforcement agencies view these items as a self-defence tools.

2. The non-lethal nature and the aid they provide in identifying suspects align with public safety objectives.

3. However it is advisable to check with your local police…do your due diligence!

Training and adherence to recommended procedures enhance the effectiveness and ensure responsible use.

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