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Do the Maths

Which costs more - cost of training or cost in claims?

Addressing this problem through effective training programmes can mitigate the costs in claims and enhance the safety and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Work-related violence and aggression includes a range of behaviours from verbal abuse to physical assaults.

The cost implications can be very significant:

1. Lost staff hours:

2. Recruitment and retention

3. Legal and compensation costs

4. Operational inefficiency

Addressing the root causes of work-related violence and aggression through comprehensive training programmes can significantly alleviate these costs:

1. De-escalation techniques

2. Personal safety training

3. Recognising and responding to early signs

4. Mental health and welfare support

5. Creating a supportive environment

Through the review and reintroduction of proactive measures, the NHS can protect its workforce and ensure sustainability and quality of patient care.


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