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Control Measures to Prevent Violence and Aggression

Once you have assessed the risk of violence in your workplace, and where you cannot remove it, you must put the right controls in place to protect your workers.

Examples of points to consider

Your workplace

The workplace design and layout can increase the risk of violence happening to your workers.

The work you do

How the work is designed or tasks carried out may increase the risk of violence to workers. have good communication between you and your workers.


Training should be available to everyone who may be at risk; includes temporary and agency staff.

Training needs should be monitored and reviewed and evaluated to measure effectiveness.

De-escalation techniques

In order to prevent violence and aggression, conflict prevention, management and resolution should be included as part of your training programme.


Regularly check how staff welfare and how well your processes are working.

Keep incident report records and review them regularly to understand if your control measures are working and if the problem is changing.

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