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Compliant handcuffing. What does it mean?

Applying handcuffs is an intentional action and as such is a use of force. The use of force upon a person is an assault and is unlawful unless it can be justified.

What does the term ‘compliant’ handcuffing mean to you?

For example…even though a person may comply with your every instruction toward being placed into handcuffs, it could also be that you belief or perceive that the person may have the intent, opportunity or ability to cause harm or may try to escape from you before you get them to a ‘safe’ area. Your belief may come from the fact that you have arrested a person who has committed an indictable offence* or you have a reasonable grounds to suspect is committing an indictable offence.

With the above in mind, it could be that you know from previous experience that the person has been violent towards you and/or your colleagues or it could be that you have an honest belief that the person due to the offence you have arrested them for and the behaviour triggers they are displaying, you feel it would be safer to place them into handcuffs.

You can use force including handcuffs to either stop a situation from going wrong or to prevent situation that has already gone wrong from worsening.

*An indictable offence is one that can be tried by a crown court!

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