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Caught on Camera

Body worn cameras led to:

- 50% reduction in the number of incidents where police officers used force.

- 90% drop in complaints against officers after implementing body-worn cameras.

One of the most significant benefits of body-worn cameras is their potential to deter aggressive behaviour.

Beyond prevention, body-worn cameras provide a crucial source of evidence that can capture behaviours and events in a manner that is often indefensible in a court of law.

The clear, unbiased video evidence can corroborate witness statements, fill in gaps, and provide a comprehensive view of the events leading up to and during an incident.

In recent years, the adoption of body-worn cameras (BWCs) by various organisations and other frontline workers has significantly increased.

Numerous studies and real-world cases have demonstrated that body-worn cameras can both prevent challenging, aggressive, and violent situations from escalating and provide critical evidence in legal proceedings.

The use of body-worn cameras has been shown to enhance transparency in enforcement practices, thereby building trust and confidence.

The data and real-world evidence demonstrate that body-worn cameras are a valuable asset in both preventing aggressive and violent situations and providing indisputable evidence in legal proceedings.

As more organisations adopt this technology, its benefits will continue to be realised, contributing to safer and more transparent interactions between law enforcement and the public.

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