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Pearson have prepared guidance to support remote standards verification and detail their position on assessments for BTEC SIA Security Level 2-3 Competency-based and Apprenticeship-related qualifications.

For learners who were expected to complete their qualifications during the summer of 2020 but due to Covid-19 were prevented from gaining a result, Ofqual has agreed that assessment should continue or be adapted which is contained within this document and includes:

  • Qualifications that cannot be delivered or assessed during Covid-19

  • Qualifications that require adaptation

  • Onscreen and paper-based tests

  • Temporary approval requirements

  • Standards verification

  • Equalities and Objectivity

  • Appendix A:  Qualifications this guidance applies to

Covid-19 guidance from the UK government is constantly changing which means you cannot continue to deliver and assess security qualifications in the same way as you did previously.  To ensure that you are keeping yourself up to date the latest guidance is available here –

Those training centres and training providers who are not licensed through Pearson, are asked to contact their respective awarding organisations for their advice and guidance in this area.

BTEC-SIA-Security guidance update 080620
Download • 268KB

Information can be found within the following guidance

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