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Are You Being Controlled or Influenced?

Once again (yesterday) I was asked 'does our training conform and therefore offer certification in line with a particular training organisation?'

The point being that the person asking would/could fail their regulatory inspection if our training could not be evidenced as being signed off by this particular organisation.

My response - there is no legal basis for us to be certified by them and therefore they should go back question the requirement for them to have this particular certification and further ask which laws/regulations are they breaching if they don't have or refuse the have this particular certification?

I agree in principle with the need for regulation, and further acknowledge that in certain areas there is indeed a need to know that the people in certain job roles are properly trained and therefore competent to meet the overall need of particular roles.

Let us remember that in the main and importantly you should have the freedom of choice to conduct your own due diligence review of training organisations and therefore make an informed choice about the right training providers who are going to meet your particular needs.


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