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An insane rise in injuries to Staff on the Public Transport

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

TfL survey…workplace assaults account for 341 reported incidents during the second quarter reporting period 2022-23.

30 percent of abusive incidents towards staff came from conflict over fare dodging which continues to be the biggest trigger for their work-related violence and aggression incidents.

Other factors during 2022-23 include:

- People being overburdened with luggage

- Intoxication

Stratford underground station identified as an abuse hotspot!

In addition to the psychological impact, staff may feel stressed whilst at work and therefore need to take time off through ill-health sickness. This in term will have a direct impact on the number of staff available to manage drunken and unruly passengers, and therefore have an overall impact on the availability of scheduled transport services to take you to/from your journey points.

In your workplace how and where are you collating information and data to identify the incident, types, frequencies, locations, times, etc?

Along with the introduction of body worn cameras, TfL has introduced strategies to increase the number of incident reports and increased partnership working.

Do you know which of your staff is being affected by workplace abuse, aggression, or violence? Are you sure…yes (good). If you don’t, then how are you going to ensure the best possible measures are in place to improve their safety?

Let us help you to review your current interventions or introduce new strategies to further improve the safety of your colleagues whilst at work.

To discuss contact us - at

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