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Aggression towards GP Staff is now Routine

According to studies across 5 countries including the UK, Aggression towards GP receptionists is a ‘frequent and routine’ occurrence.

Fact sheets covering the period 2010 to 2018 recorded an increase in reported incidents of aggression from 6 per 10,000 staff to 10+ per 10,000 staff. How much more would these figures have increased by if staff felt more empowered to report ALL incidents of aggression and violence towards or around them!

Action must be taken now to break the perception that violence is tolerated and will not be reported to the police.

Written and updated programmes supported by policies must be reviewed and published highlighting an effective approach to eliminating, reducing and controlling the risks from violence and aggression across all workplaces.

Aggression should ‘never’ be seen, reviewed and discussed as being routine, and therefore acceptable an behaviour in any workplace!

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