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3 Components of Conflict

When considering the following we need to take into consideration what training, resources and time has been invested into these components.

The following components are equality as important as each other.

  1. You -v- Yourself – this is about the internal battle you have with yourself regarding your ability to deal with the other two components. Sometimes known as personal confidence or perceived level of confidence.

  2. You -v- The Other Person(s) – what do you think is required to control the situation effectively? Included in your thought process is your current personal safety skills, physical skills and what if any PPE is available to you.

  3. You -v- The Law – are you able to justify your actions? This includes the underpinning principles regarding any assertive and/or use of force actions; legal, medical and technical implications of there use.

Knowing or believing you have the knowledge, skills and tactical confidence to deal with conflict or situations of potential conflict.

In order for you to be effective all three components must be addressed.

This must be part of a much bigger strategy to improve staff safety, empowering people which will ultimately enhance the services we provide to the people we support.

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