Who is the course designed for?

To support individuals who wish to teach the use of physical intervention and control and restraint techniques and skills to staff who work in known high-risk areas.  Where customers, service-users and patients may need to be appropriately managed through the use physical restraint to de-escalate and resolve a situation of aggressive behaviour.  Entry requirements onto the course include evidence of a recognised Teaching and Conflict Management trainer’s award’s or working individually towards both awards.  The Teaching and Conflict Management awards can be taught as part of an extended course programme.  This course can be used to deliver the preventing and managing violence and aggression course and covers self-defence and breakaway techniques.  The medical implications associated with positional asphyxia, excited delirium, acute behaviour disturbance.  

Course syllabus

Through pre-course reading, classroom theories and practical skills application:      


  • Refresh Conflict Management training – from a Level 3 perspective 

  • Dealing with anatomical variances

  • Know the law relating to the use of reasonable force and self defence

  • Demonstrate Disengagement, escorting, guiding and restraint techniques

  • Aftercare and post incident reporting procedures

  • Deliver instruction in the application of physical intervention techniques

What are the benefits of this course? 

You will be qualified to deliver physical intervention (non-restrictive and restrictive) techniques training across all sectors.  You will also have all the necessary training documentation and materials to allow you to be fully resourced to delivery you own courses. The techniques taught on this course have been reviewed and  medically risk assessed to the standards set by the Institute of Conflict Management.  

Delivery, assessment and certification

  • Formal presentation, group work and practical exercises

  • Learners knowledge is through group discussion

  • The course is nationally recognised and certificated

Post training support is offered as part of our client customer service provision