How learning about the prevention and management of violence and aggression would benefit your business

Posted by: Trevel Henry Comments: 0 1 Post Date: January 31, 2019

In an ideal world, no one would have to learn how to prevent or manage challenging behaviours in

the workplace. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world, far from it and findings from the Crime

Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) report that there were 642,000 incidents of violence at

work in the year 2016-2017 and 326,000 adults experienced work-related violence in the same*


The types of violence that people are subjected too are very varied, as this article about the broad

spectrum of violence in the workplace, published by the Huffpost attests. It’s not just clients or

consumers who can cause problems, but also co-workers and criminals – not to mention the risk of

a domestic violence perpetrator coming into the workplace and causing conflict. It’s not just the

huge, newsworthy stories that cause the biggest damage to businesses either as this quote from

the aforementioned article explains:


‘In addition to the societal impact of workplace violence, business leaders understand the impact

that a workplace shooting could have on a brand’s reputation as well as the legal costs and

declining employee morale and productivity that follow. However, all bullying behaviour saps

company efficiency, making a comprehensive workplace violence prevention programme a bottom-

line benefit to the organi-sation’.


Here at NVC Awareness, we are firm believers that the best way to keep your business from

suffering from the rot of internal and external conflict is to equip your employees with the skills they

need should these challenging situations arise.


Workplace training and drills for things such as fires are commonplace and essential. They ensure

that should a fire break out people know where to go and how to act which in turn ensures that

they remain calm and focused. It is just as important that should your employees need to manage

conflict or challenging behaviour that they are able to remain calm and are equipped with the skills

necessary to deescalate and resolve the situation.


NVC offers a range of courses that could benefit your employees in this manner – some of which

can be conducted online to provide the minimum amount of disruption to the running of your

business. Trevel Henry is also able to conduct a free risk assessment and consultation to make

sure that you are receiving the training which is of optimum use to you. For example, Positive

Handling is an excellent option for those working in education as it is able to help you to

understand the use of personal space, posture and positioning, therefore, helping you to respond

appropriately and lawfully to grabs and other physical provocation. On the other hand the

Dementia Awareness training would be incredibly relevant to people working in care homes or

even individuals caring for a relative or family member at home. Trevel will be able to guide you as

to the most effective and beneficial training for your line of work.


There are very few places of employment who wouldn’t benefit from learning about the types of

abuse, how to manage conflict and how to report any incidents that should occur. Don’t let your

business suffer – preparation is the key to success!




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