handcuff course uk

Handcuff Course  

handcuff course uk

Who is the course designed for?

This course is designed for staff who from time to time may have to use soft-cuff, fixed rigid, chain-linked, hinged or a form of plastic styled handcuffs.  Following the need to restrain an individual who is then assessed as being required to be placed into handcuffs/soft-cuffs. Entry requirements onto the course include previous attendance on a recognised Conflict Management and Physical Intervention course or an equivalent experience of both. handcuff course uk

Handcuff Course syllabus

  • Refresh conflict management (knowledge check)

  • Discuss the law relating to the use of reasonable force

  • Refresh physical intervention techniques

  • Advanced physical intervention techniques related to cuffing procedures

  • Demonstrate carriage, safe application, and removal of cuffs 

  • Demonstrate the application of cuffs on a potentially un-co-operative person

  • Post incident management and welfare support

What are the benefits of this course? 

You will be qualified in the safe application and removal of handcuffing (as covered on the course) equipment.  Cuffing skills should not be the ‘go-to’  response when managing situations of challenging behaviour. The techniques learnt during the course have been medically risk assessed and are taught in accordance with current Home Office guidelines.

Delivery, assessment and certification

  • Formal presentation, group work and practical exercises

  • Learners knowledge is evidenced through group discussion and written questions

  • The course is nationally recognised and certificated

Post training support is offered as part of our client customer service provision