Do you know what initial Steps to take following an Act of Violence in the workplace?

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  • Initially check that the staff members is emotionally stable and injury free

  • Allocate a responsible staff member to sit with them to provide further support until a management representative has checked there is no further violence taking place, or likely to take place.

  • Ensure that the area is cordoned off, if necessary

  • Ensure that other staff members potentially involved in the incident are supported but remain on the premises in a safe area, away from each other (when a level of independent staff welfare support)

  • Once management representative is happy that they have an overview as to what allegedly occurred an ‘incident assessment’ through the taking of statements can begin to take place (depending upon the level/scale of violence this could be done within a 1-2 working days, or take much longer (ie; weeks)

  • Initial investigation of incident (providing the staff member is in the correct frame of mind. It may be that pertinent information needs to be taken, then the staff member is allowed to leave and get the necessary support. With a detailed statement being taken within the next 24-48 hours):

    • Details of the incident

    • Who was involved

    • Injuries (psychological, verbal and/or physical) sustained

    • The staff members account of the incident

    • The other parties account of the incident

    • Witnesses account of the incident

    • Record of debriefing

    • Risk assessment (ERIC MP ) – to prevent further occurrences

    • Contravention of any policies or legislation

    • All staff offered the support of a UNISON member or workplace friend

  • Incident Assessment

  • ANTECENDENCE – what were the behaviours that lead up to the incident (behaviours never occur in a vacuum)

  • BEHAVIOUR(s) – what exactly happened…what, when, where, with whom, how and why

  • CONSEQUENCES – what were the results/outcome (from the staff member, other parties and third parties views).


On a ‘need-to-know’ basis, other managers need to be briefed so that they can speak with their teams and address any gossip, provide welfare support and direct to the correct ‘point of contact’ those who feel they may have information about the incident.


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