Telephone Abuse

Who is the course designed for?

For those staff who receive abusive phone calls which on occasions can leave staff feeling concerned or emotionally drained. People, from time-to-time call to complain when they feel that the service your organisation provides is not meeting with their expectations. Sometimes they are just downright frustrated and angry and you become the target for their annoyance.

Course syllabus:

  • Classroom-based learning covering:
  • Recognise patterns of conflict unique to communicating by telephone
  • Identify the various stages of conflict escalation
  • Maintain composure during difficult phone calls
  • Use specific skills to structure and control challenging calls
  • Use coping strategies to manage the impact of conflict and aggression
  • Have an awareness of Health and Safety Legislation & organisational practices
  • Know when to report incidents and how to record effectively

What are the benefits of this course?

You will be qualified to prevent and challenge difficult behaviours in the workplace, there causes and know what can be done to manage it effectively. Help managers, team leaders and staff create a positive working environment through a range of strategies which can be used to proactively prevent, manage and defuse conflict in the workplace.

Your course content is finalised following a training needs analysis review discussion.

Delivery, Assessment and Certification

  • Formal presentation, discussion, group work and practical exercises.
  • Learners knowledge is evidenced by verbal or written questioning.
  • The course is nationally recognised, accredited and certificated.

Post-training incident management support is offered as part of our client customer service provision

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