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Searching – Person and Premises

Searching – Person and Premises




Who is the course designed for?

Individuals who have to carry out the searching of individuals for items suspected of being evidence of an offence, or for prevention of harm to self or others. 

You will need to establish that you have the grounds and legal authority to carry out the search. 

Staff who have deal with any potential risks that may include, offensive weapons, risk of assault, sharps, hazardous substances or warning signs. 

Other contingencies during the search may be the need to obtain an appropriate adult, the need for personal safety skills and the use of personal protective equipment.

Course syllabus

  • Refresh conflict management communication skills

  • Law and regulations related to person searching

  • State 3 principles of searching.

  • Discuss methods of defeating searches.

  • Discuss good practices procedures in relation to searching.

  • Demonstrate a Free-standing search.

  • Relate learning to organisations policies/procedures (ie; positive behaviour policy)

Course Benefits

You will be competent in the knowledge, understanding and skills to undertake an approved method of person searches.

Delivery, Assessment and Certification

  • Formal presentation, discussion, group work and practical exercises.

  • Learner’s knowledge is evidenced by verbal or written questioning.

  • The course is nationally recognised, accredited and certificated.


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Lone Working and Personal Safety

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