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Who is the course designed for?

Individuals who need to know how to recognise aspects of conflict that may be encountered in the workplace and to understand and be aware of different methodologies that can be used to resolve such conflicts and challenging behaviours.

Course syllabus

  • Explore the individual perception of confrontation

  • Define the common causes of conflict and its effects

  • Recognise why, how and where conflict may occur in the workplace

  • Give examples of communication breakdown

  • Understand a range of communication models

  • Explain how attitudes affect behaviours

  • Describe how to manage conflict to achieve positive results

Course Benefits

You will be qualified to prevent and challenge difficult behaviours in the workplace, there causes and know what can be done to manage it effectively. 

Help managers, team leaders and staff create a positive working environment through a range of strategies which can be used to proactively prevent, manage and defuse conflict in the workplace.

Delivery, Assessment and Certification

  • Formal presentation, discussion, group work and practical exercises.

  • Learners knowledge is evidenced by verbal or written questioning.

  • The course is nationally recognised, accredited and certificated.


Positive Handling Training
Positive Handling Training

Positive Handling Training

Knowledge and skills to help reduce the risk of harm to themselves and others while performing your duties.

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