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What health and safety training should be provided for your employees?

Being the most senior person in your organisation or company you know that you are accountable and it is your responsible for the health, safety and training taught to your staff, so this doesn't make make it easy for you when choosing a training provider that is best for you.

At NVC Awareness we are passionate about getting people the training that is best for them, helping you stay up-to-date and putting you in control.

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"Things to do when looking for the right training provider"

Being confident picking your training provider


Things to do when looking for the right training provider

  • Know what to check for when looking for a training provider.

  • Become confident that you have chosen the best training provider for your needs.

  • Be clear on the laws and legislation you need to know when providing training for your staff.

  • Be prepared and have the relevant information to make sure you receive the training that is needed and puts you in the best position.

  • Easy to use checklist to make sure you have considered everything, and getting the right training.


Accredited health and safety training providers

Trevel has been an Expert Witness and Training Consultant in the prevention and management of abusive, disruptive, aggressive and violent behaviour for a number of years.

He is a board member at the Institute of Conflict Management (ICM) which sets and monitors standards in the prevention and management of work related violence and aggression; in line with the Health and Safety Executive’s definition of work-related violence.

As an expert witness he provides advice, support and guidance on all matters leading up to and including the use of force; including physical intervention and the appropriate use of personal protective equipment. 

He has worked on numerous case incidents involving the police and prison services, Security Industry Authority, Young Offenders Secure Institutions, Children’s Services, Independent Office for Police Conduct, Health Services and Social Care, etc.

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Checklist to make sure you have everything

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