About NVC

As a Quality Award Centre with the ICM (The Institute of Conflict Management) members of  NVC Awareness have played a significant part in the introductions of the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the Prevention and Management of work-related violence through our security training courses.

Our mission – through continued professional development learning is to encourage and actively promote inclusion, through the use of Positive Behaviour Support strategies, which in turn will enhance the safety and well-being of all staff and the people they support.  The ethos behind all of our training products and materials is to promote good working practices which seek to avoid, defuse and manage challenging behaviours in the workplace.   The NOS (National Occupational Standards) have been developed and reviewed in consultation with employees, sector specialists, stakeholders and national awarding organisations. They are widely imported into other suites of national occupational standards and mapped to continued professional development programmes.

Our aim – through the use of training needs analysis process we aim to work with you towards the planning, preparation, delivery and evaluation of training courses which not only meet your needs but are nationally reviewed and quality assured.  Additional services offered include consultation, advice and guidance on policies, risk management review of post-incident management support procedures.

Our results – are recognised by a number of national awarding organisations, along with the excellent evaluation feedback received from our delegates who attended all our courses of training, which is also evidenced through the excellent relationships we have with our clients.

Media appearances – Our director Trevel Henry, who also delivers training courses, has undertaken interviews for TV and radio discussing the use of reasonable force, along with the psychological and physiological effects of fear and its impact through stress within the human body.

We welcome any enquiries you have so if you would like to discuss your training needs, please give us a call on 0845 056 4343 or 07800 904 551. If you would prefer to contact us in writing, please contact us here