Training Courses

Training courses in Kent

Training courses in Kent

At NVC Awareness Training & Consultancy, we offer professional training courses tailored to your business needs.

Training for your needs

Alongside our training partner, Licensing Consultancy Services, our professionals at NVC Awareness Training & Consultancy are able to deliver a wide range of nationally accredited, professionally delivered and cost-effective training courses relevant to the various industries and sectors. These courses are delivered in venues throughout South East England and across the UK.
Training for your needs
Covering different training requirements

Covers everyone's training requirements

Our courses provide the necessary professional qualifications needed both for those just entering, and those seeking career development across the security and protective services, licensed hospitality and retail, adult and community services, NHS and health services, children and young adult services, transport and leisure sectors. This includes one-to-one training for those in urgent need of a personal licence.

Do you have employees that need training? We can come to you, reducing your costs and abstraction time; making our service a cost effective option. We also deliver bespoke training, tailored to your organisation, company or business needs.

Regulators and the Public
Local authority members and responsible authority officers can benefit from up to date training relevant to their roles within the licensing regime. Our training partner Licensing Consultancy Services can provide courses tailored to your needs, to ensure that you can fulfil your functions with confidence.

Get in touch

Whether you need an on-site training in first aid or would like to get a certification in security handling, you can enrol in the respective courses. For further information, feel free to get in touch with our team. Visit our payment page to know more about our payment options. Based in Kent, our services are available in South East England and throughout the UK.
On-site training
To enrol in any of our training courses, call 
0845 056 4343 or 07800 904 551
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