First Aid

First aid training courses in Kent

First aid training courses in Kent

Do you want a certification in first aid? Look no further than NVC Awareness Training & Consultancy. Enrol today.

Benefits of attending our courses 

The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work.
The overall aim of our training courses is to review your current practice and procedures, whilst discussing alternative measures which will enhance your safety, whilst promoting a culture of positive customer (ie; service users, customers, residents, patients, students or others) support. 
Course standards and specifications

Our training courses and standards are accredited through:

• Institute of Conflict Management (ICM)
• Pearsons (previously known as Edexcel)
• British Institute of Inn-keeping Awarding Body (BIIAB)
• Qualifications Network UK (QN UK)

All delegates will receive: 
• A comprehensive Work Book 
• Certification 
• Post training support via email, telephone or text

Excellent first aid training

Our first aid courses

Emergency First Aid at Work

The minimum legal requirement is to have an 'appointed person' (AP) to take charge of first aid arrangements in the workplace. This person does not have to be a trained and qualified emergency first-aider or first-aider, although many employers regard this as best practice.

Course overview
In order to become an emergency first-aider this course is the minimum level of first-aid training that is required. Employers and staff need to assess their First Aid needs by identifying any specific work hazards and ensuring that sufficient first aid personnel, equipment and facilities are available to deal with the possible consequences of these hazards.  

Course content         
The course will cover:
• The responsibilities of the Emergency First Aider
• Actions in an emergency
• Primary and secondary surveys
• Breathing, circulation an d CPR
• Shock and bleeding
• Seizures and epilepsy
• Minor injuries and burns
Certification is awarded through the QN UK

First Aid at Work

Course overview
This qualification is intended for staff already working or preparing to work in industry. Staff gaining this qualification will know that First Aid is the responsibility of everyone involved in the working environment. The First aid at Work qualification is only valid for 3 years. The first aid qualification can be renewed by sitting a refresher course. 
Course content   

The course will cover:
• What is First Aid
• First Aid in the Workplace
• Responsibilities of First Aider
• Action in an emergency
• Primary & secondary survey
• Breathing and circulation
• Principles of resuscitation
• Respiration and circulation
• Wounds and bleeding
• Disorders of consciousness 
• Foreign objects
• Burns and scalds
• Bones, joints and muscle injuries
• Poisoning
• Incident management
• Bites and stings
• Effects of heat and cold

Certification is awarded through the QN UK

Paediatric first aid 

Course overview      
Individuals requiring theoretical and practical training in First Aid techniques that are specific to infants aged 0 to 1, and children aged from 1 year old to the onset of puberty.

Course content
At the end of the course:
• Unresponsiveness
• Airway obstruction
• Suffering from shock
• Wounded and bleeding
• Fractures or dislocation
• Head, neck or back injury
• Conditions effecting the eyes, ears or nose
• Chronic medical conditions or sudden illness
• Experiencing the effects of extreme heat and/or cold
• Poisoning
• Bitten or stung
• Electric shock

Certification awarded through the QN UK

Health and Safety 

Course overview

This course provides individuals with the basic knowledge and understanding of the principles of Health and Safety for employees working within any sector. It provides learners with the ability to contribute to the overall health and safety culture of their organisation.

Course Content

The course will cover:
• Define health and safety and its significance
• Explain the costs and benefits of good/poor health and safety
• The roles of government, local authorities, employers and employees
• Outline the main features of current health and safety legislation
• Describe the most common types of workplace injuries and accidents
• Identify and describe common hazards in the workplace
• Identify measures to prevent injuries and accidents
• Outline control measures for the most common workplace hazards
• Describe the main characteristics of a healthy, safe workplace

Certification is awarded through the ICM

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