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'Setting standards in the prevention and management of conflict, aggression and violence in and out of the workplace'

SIA Door Supervisor Course

To quality as an SIA door supervisor, you will need to attend a two part training course and take and pass two exams. The course is delivered over 4 days.

4 days

Details: Training is delivered in two parts as follows:

Part 1 - Role and responsibilities of a door supervisor

  • Introduction to role of Door Supervisor

  • Behavioural standards

  • Civil and Criminal Law

  • Searching

  • Arrest

  • Drugs Awareness
  • Recording Incidents and Crime Scene Preservation

  • Licensing Law

  • Equal Opportunities

  • Health and Safety at Work

  • Emergency procedures

Part 2 - Communication skills and conflict management 

  • Introduction to communications skills and conflict management

  • Application of communication skills and conflict management
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