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'Setting standards in the prevention and management of conflict, aggression and violence in and out of the workplace'
Conflict Resolution Training – NHS

Who should attend
All frontline NHS staff and professionals whose work brings them into contact with members of the public.  Their work may expose them to situations that may become volatile and confrontational, resulting in violence or abuse. 

To enable NHS frontline staff to recognise different aspects of conflict that they may encounter and to be able to understand and be aware of the different methods of resolving such conflicts.  The course will consist of a national syllabus for the NHS in non-physical intervention techniques on managing and de-escalating potentially violent incidents within the work environment

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the common causes of conflict

  • Give examples of communication breakdown

  • Explain examples of communication models that can assist in conflict resolution

  • Describe patterns of behaviour that may be encountered during different interactions

  • Explain different warning and dangers signs

  • Explain the use of reasonable force as it applies to conflict resolution

  • Describe different methods for dealing with conflict situations
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